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CIFSAD - ONTAP SMB Administration

1 day

Training description

At this training, which is designed for 1 day, students learn how the SMB protocol is integrated in the ONTAP operating system. The training covers the following important topics: the creating and managing SMB sessions, secure sessions, oplocks, BranchCache, Symlinks and Widelinks. In the training there is a practical part with tasks for students.

Intended Audience

This training will be useful to network engineers, system engineers, administrators, and any technical specialists who work with NetApp storage systems and who are interested in administering the ONTAP cluster.

Expected students’ skills and knowledge

To complete this training, it is recommended to have knowledge and experience with ONTAP equal to the ONTAP Cluster Administration (ONTAP 9.5) (ONTAP9ADM) course and with Microsoft Windows Server 2012/Microsoft Active Directory.

Training outline

Chapter 1: SMB Overview.

  • Data fabric.
  • Data fabric layers.
  • CIFS and SMB protocols.
  • NT LAN manager.
  • Kerberos authentication.
  • Active Directory.
  • Workgroup environments.
  • NetApp PowerShell toolkit.

Chapter 2: SMB Setup.

  • SMB implementation.
  • Licensing CIFS.
  • SVM for SMB access.
  • FlexVol volumes.
  • DNS entries for the SVM.
  • SMB share access.

Chapter 3: SMB Shares and Sessions.

  • SMB share.
  • Creating a share.
  • Client access.
  • SMB automatic referrals.
  • SMB sessions.
  • Session administration.
  • SMB encryption.
  • Offline folders.
  • Offloaded data transfer.

Chapter 4: Access Control.

  • Configure share permissions.
  • Describe how to map UNIX users to Windows users.
  • Configure multiprotocol in ONTAP 9.
  • Describe authentication and authorization for CIFS.
  • Describe file blocking policies.

Chapter 5: Advanced Topics.

  • Microsoft opportunistic Lock (oplock) features.
  • Automatic home share.
  • Group policy object (GPO).
  • Symlinks.
  • Widelinks.
  • Describe group policy objects in Data ONTAP 9.
  • Setup preferred Domain Controllers.
  • Discuss NetBIOS aliases.
  • Configure workgroup membership.
  • Explain CIFS oplocks.
  • Discuss BranchCache support in Data ONTAP.


  • Install NetApp PowerShell Toolkit and configure for use.
  • Create a Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) and configure it for SMB access.
  • Create an SMB share, connect to the share from your Windows client, and manage SMB sessions.
  • Create a domain user, restrict share-level permissions.
  • Create a local user group and give share-level permissions.
  • Create a multiprotocol configuration and enable a root Linux user to be mapped to the Windows domain administrator.
  • Configure home directories and symbolic links on the SVM.
Price per student
USD 900
Instructor hire per day
on request
Lab rental price
on request
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