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IJOS - Introduction to the Junos Operating System

3 days

Training description

This training, designed for 3 days, introduces students to the capabilities and basic principles of the operating system Junos. During the complex exercises, students will get knowledge about the key components of the OS and will gain rich experience with the command line interface and web-based graphical interface. The course includes the following main topics: monitoring mechanisms using in Junos, troubleshooting tools, process of updating the OS version, creating backup configurations, routing principles, basic security methods, access control system, and creating a local database of accounts.
During the labs students will get a basic skills of working with Junos OS to create the all important configurations, even if they had no experience with this OS before.

Intended Audience

This training will be useful to any technical specialists who want to get an experience in configuring and monitoring devices running the Junos OS.

Expected students’ skills and knowledge

As a prerequisite student will need to have a knowledge about OSI model and the TCP/IP protocol stack (TCP/UPD/IPv4/ICMP).

Associated exam and certification


Recommended next course

Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR).

Training outline

Chapter 1: Course Introduction.

Chapter 2: Junos Operating System Fundamentals.

  • The Junos OS.
  • Traffic Processing.
  • Platforms Running the Junos OS.

Chapter 3: User Interface Options.

  • User Interface Options.
  • The Junos CLI: CLI Basics.
  • The Junos CLI: Operational Mode.
  • The Junos CLI: Configuration Mode.
  • Lab 1: The Junos CLI.

Chapter 4: Initial Configuration.

  • Factory-Default Configuration.
  • Initial Configuration.
  • Interface Configuration.
  • Lab 2: Initial System Configuration.

Chapter 5: Secondary System Configuration.

  • User Configuration and Authentication.
  • System Logging and Tracing.
  • Network Time Protocol.
  • Archiving Configurations.
  • SNMP.
  • Lab 3: Secondary System Configuration.

Chapter 6: Operational Monitoring and Maintenance.

  • Monitoring Platform and Interface Operation.
  • Network Utilities.
  • Maintaining the Junos OS.
  • Password Recovery.
  • System Clean-up.
  • Lab 4: Operational Monitoring and Maintenance.

Chapter 7: Interface Configuration Examples.

  • Review of the Interface Configuration Hierarchy.
  • Interface Configuration Examples.
  • Using Configuration Groups.

Chapter 8: The J-Web Interface.

  • The J-Web GUI.
  • Configuration.
  • Lab 5: The J-Web Interface.

Chapter 9: Routing Fundamentals.

  • Routing Concepts: Overview of Routing.
  • Routing Concepts: The Routing Table.
  • Routing Concepts: Routing Instances.
  • Static Routing.
  • Dynamic Routing.
  • Lab 6: Routing Fundamentals.

Chapter 10: Routing Policy.

  • Routing Policy Overview.
  • Case Study: Routing Policy.
  • Lab 7: Routing Policy.

Chapter 11: Firewall Filters.

  • Firewall Filters Overview.
  • Case Study: Firewall Filters.
  • Unicast Reverse-Path-Forwarding Checks.
  • Lab 8: Firewall Filters.

Chapter 12: Class of Service.

  • CoS Overview.
  • Traffic Classification.
  • Traffic Queueing.
  • Traffic Scheduling.
  • Case Study: CoS.
  • Lab 9: Class of Service.

Price per student
USD 900
Instructor hire per day
on request
Lab rental price
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