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AJSPR - Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing

2 days

Training description

This training is dedicated to ISP routing domains’ design and configuration. During the training students will study the principles of external and internal ISP routing, OSPF, IS-IS and BGP protocols’ operations and will learn different methods of ISP routing issues troubleshooting. The information is provided in a great detail, letting the students to get a deep knowledge of routing protocols’ operations. As a result, students will get a professional (from vendor’s point of view) competence in ISP routing, quite enough to perform different complex tasks during configuration, design and troubleshooting in real networks.

The training also contains 15 labs, which allow students to practice their skills and test different routing scenarios in lab environment.


Intended Audience

AJSPR training will suite best to network engineers and specialists, having an everyday experience with Juniper Networks’ equipment in ISP network and performing different tasks such as routing protocols and routing policies configuration and troubleshooting. Also, this training can be useful for network and system architects, who are willing to know the details of routing protocols implementation in Junos.

Expected students’ skills and knowledge

To get the most of this training students are expected to be familiar with operation logic and main structures of OSPF and BGP routing protocols. Students are also expected to understand the main principles of ISP routing domains design. In order to practice in lab environment, Junos CLI knowledge and skills are required.

Training outline

Day 1.

Chapter 1: Course Introduction.

Chapter 2: OSPF.

  • OSPFv2 Review.
  • Link-State Advertisements.
  • Protocol Operations.
  • OSPF Authentication.
  • Lab: OSPF Multiarea Networks.

Chapter 3: OSPF Areas.

  • Review of OSPF Areas.
  • Stub Area Operation.
  • Stub Area Configuration.
  • NSSA Operation.
  • NSSA Configuration.
  • Route Summarization.
  • Lab: OSPF Route Summarization.

Chapter 4: OSPF Case Studies and Solutions.

  • Virtual Links.
  • OSPF Multiarea Adjacencies.
  • External Reachability.
  • Lab: Advanced OSPF Options and Routing Policy.

Day 2.

Chapter 5: Troubleshooting OSPF.

  • Troubleshooting OSPF.
  • Lab: OSPF Troubleshooting.

Chapter 6: IS-IS.

  • Overview of IS-IS.
  • IS-IS PDUs.
  • Neighbors and Adjacencies.
  • Configuring and Monitoring IS-IS.
  • Lab: IS-IS Configuration and Monitoring.

Chapter 7: Advanced IS-IS Operations and Configuration Options.

  • IS-IS Operations.
  • IS-IS Configuration Options.
  • IS-IS Routing Policy.
  • Lab: Advanced IS-IS Configuration Options and Routing Policy.

Day 3.

Chapter 8: Multilevel IS-IS Networks.

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Operations.
  • Multilevel Configuration.
  • Lab: Configuring a Multilevel IS-IS Network.

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting IS-IS.

  • Troubleshooting IS-IS.
  • Lab: IS-IS Troubleshooting.

Chapter 10: BGP.

  • Review of BGP.
  • BGP Operations.
  • BGP Path Selection and Options.
  • Configuration Options.
  • Lab: BGP and BGP Attributes.

Day 4.

Chapter 11: BGP Attributes and Policy—Part 1.

  • BGP Policy.
  • Next Hop.
  • Origin and MED.
  • AS Path.
  • Lab: BGP Attributes: Next Hop, Origin, MED, and AS Path.

Chapter 12: BGP Attributes and Policy—Part 2.

  • Local Preference.
  • Communities.
  • Lab: BGP Attributes: Local Preference and Communities.

Chapter 13: Route Reflection and Confederations.

  • Route Reflection Operation.
  • Configuration and Routing Knowledge.
  • BGP Confederations.
  • Lab: Scaling BGP.

Day 5.

Chapter 14: BGP Route Damping.

  • Route Flap and Damping Overview.
  • Route Damping Parameters.
  • Configuring and Monitoring Route Damping.
  • Lab: BGP Route Damping.

Chapter 15: Troubleshooting BGP.

  • Troubleshooting BGP.
  • Lab: BGP Troubleshooting.

Chapter 16: Troubleshooting Policy.

  • Troubleshooting Policy

Lab: Policy Troubleshooting.

Price per student
USD 1 500
Instructor hire per day
USD 1 500
Lab rental price
on request
Develop custom training
on request