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SECI - FortiGate Security

3 days

Training description

This 3-day training will give the audience basic understanding of how FortiGate implements different informational security methods and technologies. The training is dedicated to main IT security technologies, such as building secure connections using VPNs, intrusion prevention and prevention of DDoS attacks, application and Internet traffic control and many more. Attendees will get the knowledge, quite enough to design and implement basic enterprise security policy.

This training also gives an opportunity to practice students’ skills in the lab environment. The lab is built using FortiGate product with FortiOS version 6.2.

Intended Audience

This training is mainly for security and network specialists and professionals who wish to know the implementation of security features using FortiGate product. The training will also be useful for candidates seeking the Fortinet NSE4 certification.

Expected students’ skills and knowledge

Students are not expected to be experts in IT security or have any deep understanding of security mechanisms. Basic knowledge of network protocols as well as understanding of role and basic operation principles of network firewalls are required.

Training outline

Chapter 1. Introduction to FortiGate and the Security Fabric.

Chapter 2. Firewall Policies.

Chapter 3. Network Address Translation (NAT).

Chapter 4. Firewall Authentication.

Chapter 5. Logging and Monitoring

Chapter 6. Certificate Operations.

Chapter 7. Web Filtering.

Chapter 8. Application Control.

Chapter 9. Antivirus.

Chapter 10. Intrusion Prevention and Denial of Service.

Chapter 11. SSL VPN.

Chapter 12. Dialup IPsec VPN.

Chapter 13. Data Leak Prevention (DLP).

Price per student
USD 1 600
Instructor hire per day
on request
Lab rental price
on request
Develop custom training
on request