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MPLST - Implementing Cisco MPLS Traffic Engineering & Other Features

5 days

Training description

This 5-day training describes the advanced features and technologies that are used in the MPLS infrastructure. The materials will be useful for technical specialist of service providers, where additional mechanisms are used to optimize the MPLS network. The training is built around following important topics: the concepts of VPN MPLS, hierarchical MPLS model between the networks of two service providers, traffic paths management (Traffic Engineering), traffic classification and marking (QoS), Any Transport over MPLS, support for IPv6 in MPLS services.
Practical tasks allow students to increase the skills of configuring advanced MPLS technologies on Cisco IOS devices, as well as to become familiar with the troubleshooting process for their work..

Intended Audience

This training will be useful to technical specialists of service providers, as well as network administrators and network engineers who are faced with the need to use advanced services in the MPLS infrastructure.

Expected students’ skills and knowledge

As a prerequisite, students need to have a knowledge of the working of MPLS technologies and the working of QoS mechanisms, which will be equivalent to the courses «Implementing Cisco MPLS v3.0 (MPLS)» and «Implementing Cisco Quality of Service v2.5 (QOS)». In addition, students must understand the BGP dynamic routing protocol at the level of course «Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP)».

Training outline

Chapter 1. Course Introduction.

Chapter 2. MPLS VPN Review.

  • Basic MPLS Concepts.
  • Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS.
  • Configuring MPLS.
  • MPLS VPN Routing Model and Packet Forwarding.
  • Configuring Simple MPLS VPNs.

Chapter 3. Carrier Supporting Carrier.

  • Carrier’s Carrier Overview.
  • Implementing the CSC Models.

Chapter 4. MPLS Traffic Engineering Technology.

  • Traffic Engineering Concepts.
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering Components.
  • Constraint-Based Path Computation.
  • Path Setup and Maintenance.
  • Assigning Traffic to Traffic Tunnels.

Chapter 5. Configuring MPLS Traffic Engineering.

  • Configuring MPLS Traffic Engineering on Cisco IOS Platforms.
  • Advanced MPLS-TE Path Selection.
  • Advanced MPLS-TE Link Protection.
  • Advanced MPLS-TE Bandwidth Control.
  • MPLS-TE Interarea Support.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting MPLS-TE.

Chapter 6. MPLS Quality of Service.

  • QoS Models.
  • MPLS Support for DiffServ.
  • Configuring MPLS QoS.
  • QoS in MPLS Applications.

Chapter 7. Any Transport over MPLS.

  • Introduction to Any Transport over MPLS.
  • Configuring AToM on Cisco IOS Platforms.
  • Monitoring AToM on Cisco IOS Platforms.

Chapter 8. MPLS IPv6 Support

  • Review of IPv6.
  • Implementing IPv6 over MPLS.
  • Monitoring IPv6 over MPLS.
Price per student
USD 1 600
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