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MPLS - Implementing Cisco MPLS

5 days

Training description

This training, which is designed for 5 days, introduces students to the principles of MPLS technology, including label assignment and distribution, LDP protocol, Frame-Mode MPLS. In addition, during the course, different services that make MPLS technology popular in provider networks are analyzed: tunneling (MPLS VPN) and traffic management (Traffic Engineering).
The training contains 6 extensive laboratory works, during which students will improve the skills of implementing and configuring MPLS services on devices running Cisco IO

Intended Audience

This training will be most useful for network engineers, technical support engineers who work in the service providers networks or support the MPLS architecture in the enterprise network.

Expected students’ skills and knowledge

For understanding the materials of this training students will need have a basic knowledge of BGP routing on Cisco routers. In addition, it is recommended to have the knowledge and experience equal to « Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)» and « Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP)» courses.

Training outline

Chapter 1. MPLS Concepts.

  • Introducing Basic MPLS Concepts.
  • Introducing MPLS Labels and Label Stack.
  • Identifying MPLS Applications.

Chapter 2. Label Assignment and Distribution.

  • Discovering LDP Neighbors.
  • Introducing Typical Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS.
  • Introducing Convergence in Frame-mode MPLS.

Chapter 3. Frame-Mode MPLS Implementation on Cisco IOS Platforms.

  • Introducing Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) Switching.
  • Configuring Frame-Mode MPLS on Cisco IOS Platforms.
  • Monitoring Frame-Mode MPLS on Cisco IOS Platforms.
  • Troubleshooting Frame-Mode MPLS on Cisco IOS Platforms.

Chapter 4. MPLS VPN Technology.

  • Introducing Virtual Private Networks.
  • Introducing MPLS VPN Architecture.
  • Introducing the MPLS VPN Routing Model.
  • Forwarding MPLS VPN Packets.

Chapter 5. MPLS VPN Implementation.

  • Using MPLS VPN Mechanisms of Cisco IOS platforms.
  • Configuring an MP-BGP Session Between PE Routers.
  • Configuring VRF Tables.
  • Configuring Small-Scale Routing Protocols Between PE and CE routers.
  • Monitoring MPLS VPN Operations.
  • Configuring OSPF as the Routing Protocol Between PE and CE Routers.
  • Configuring BGP as the Routing Protocol between PE and CE Routers.
  • Troubleshooting MPLS VPNs.

Chapter 6. Complex MPLS VPNs.

  • Introducing Overlapping VPNs.
  • Introducing Central Services VPNs.
  • Introducing the Managed CE Routers Service.

Chapter 7. Internet Access and MPLS VPNs.

  • Combining Internet Access with MPLS VPNs.
  • Implementing Internet Access in the MPLS VPN Environment.

Chapter 8. MPLS Traffic Engineering Overview.

  • Introducing MPLS Traffic Engineering Components.
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering Operations.
  • Configuring MPLS Traffic Engineering on Cisco IOS Platforms.
  • Monitoring Basic MPLS TE on Cisco IOS Platforms.

Price per student
USD 1 550
Instructor hire per day
on request
Lab rental price
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