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VSRM - VMware Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage v6.1

2 days

Training description

At this training, which is designed for 2 days, students learn the process of creating and testing a disaster recovery plan using Site Recovery Manager. During the training, students work with VMware Site Recovery Manager ™ 6.1. In addition, students will become familiar with the types of work sites and resource migration processes between them.
During the laboratory works students will improve their skills to work with VMware Site Recovery Manager ™ 6.1 for replication and protection.

Intended Audience

This training will be useful for system administrators and technicians who have a some working experience with VMware vSphere and who are responsible for implementing and using VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Expected students’ skills and knowledge

To complete this training, it is recommended to have an experience in working with virtual infrastructure VMware vSphere equal to the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage (VICM) or the VMware vSphere v6.7: Fast Track (VVFT) courses.

Training outline

Chapter 1. Course Introduction.

Chapter 2: Overview and Architecture.

  • Describe how vCenter Site Recovery Manager can be used for disaster recovery.
  • List vCenter Site Recovery Manager features.

Chapter 3: Installing VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

  • Identify the necessary components to deploy and use vCenter Site Recovery Manager.
  • List prerequisites and guidelines.
  • Install the software and the VMware vSphere® Client™ plug-in.
  • Configure a site pair.

Chapter 4: Storage Replication.

  • Discuss vCenter Site Recovery Manager architecture when used with array-based replication Discuss vSphere Replication technology.

Chapter 5: Deploying Replication.

  • Deploy and configure a vSphere Replication appliance.
  • Deploy and configure a vSphere Replication server appliance.
  • Describe the architecture of vSphere Replication.
  • Describe the process for adding an array manager.

Chapter 6: Configuring Inventory Mappings.

  • Configure inventory and network mappings.
  • Configure placeholder datastores.

Chapter 7: Configuring vSphere Replication.

  • Discuss how vSphere Replication works.
  • Configure vSphere Replication for a single virtual machine.
  • Configure vSphere Replication for multiple virtual machines.
  • Manage vSphere Replication.

Chapter 8: Building Protection Groups.

  • Discuss differences between array-based protection groups and vSphere Replication protection groups.
  • Create, configure, and edit protection groups.

Chapter 9: Building Recovery Plans.

  • Discuss vCenter Site Recovery Manager recovery plan concepts.
  • Create a recovery plan.
  • Modify recovery plan properties.

Chapter 10: Testing and Running a Recovery Plan.

  • Discuss use cases for vCenter Site Recovery Manager recovery.
  • Describe recovery plan workflows.
  • Test a recovery plan.
  • Revert a tested recovery plan.
  • Discuss recovery plan execution.
  • Perform a planned migration.
  • Perform a reprotect.
  • Perform a failback.
Price per student
USD 650
Instructor hire per day
on request
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